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12th August 2002

9:31am: Good morning sunshine.......: O )
daryl wants to read your journal entry since i told him about how hottttt it was, thanks. talk to ya later doll. ~ me ~

11th August 2002

10:23pm: Lost without SMOKE
Its late, I am lonley
and i do not have my smoke
my minds racing, i am tired
I just need a toke

The bed looks so inviting
but the sheets seem so cold
How I want you here with me
just to kiss and to hold

I want to watch a movie
I want to make love
i want to smoke a joint
but all I do is just shrug

tomorrow will be better
hopefully my car WILL come through
then no matter what
I'll have something to do

Kids are all sleeping
D off making a living
why don't I have a girlfriend
someone special and given

a friend among friends
a special bond..just us two
we would always have each other
when there is nothing to do....

well I guess I go soak in a hot bubble bath, shave all that needs to be shaved, french braid my hair, put on my silk jammies.......and then crawl into my cold, lonley bed......all alone.......... : o ( sniff, sniff...... Good night my fair princess........wherever you are......... ~ CINDY ~
Current Mood: indescribable

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7:45pm: what a night I had last night.
Lady Carmicheal, Lady Carmicheal, Lady Carmicheal........................****** CARMEN **********

O.K. well now that you know what my night consisted let me tell you about this morning.
Well see, this unforgetable phone call last night kept me up till 2. Amazingly I felt like it was only about 30 min. well anyways, see I was OUT of IT this morning. Hubby finds that I downloaded Yahoo so that I could converse with my lady.
Only my ladies name is Cramen. Needless to say he thought Carmen was a boy!! lmao. so after I finally convince him I am still only interested in extracurricular activities with women, he has to know every detail. because see I checked Carmen's journal and it spoke of me fingering myself on the phone with her. {I COULDNT HELP MYSELF} so after I told him the juicy details he settles down. I guess you had to be here to see all the mishap. It was sooooo hilarious..

BABY DOLL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Packy called and said I WOULD HAVE MY CAR TOMORROW NIGHT.

How was the gay pride fair? Wish I could be there with you to keep your hands occupied, your head on me, and your pussy wet. YUMMMMMMM YIKES Guess I am still horny from the phone call.. will that feeling ever go away. I have never had "phone sex"..Hey Carmen. Baby your my

well I am OUT of weed, and for anyone that knows me.....this is trouble. I feel the need...the need for weed!!!
ok well i have mouths to feed.. so i have to sign off for now..... will return though!!!!! Love from ~ cindy ~

10th August 2002

probability that cinfuldreams has masturbated today:12%
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by James
7:41pm: Well here I am.....And it's Saturday night......ARGHHHHHHHH
I want my car! This is for the birds. I need to be able to go to the beach. I need to be able to go to the mall. I need to got get my scrubs for fall semester. I better have it back before then. I hate men!!!!!{ Packy, IN GENERAL } they make all these promises. every one unfulfilled. O.K. well i have a great visualization......

1. You're sitting at the table
2. Your son is on the cover of Wheaties
3. Your daughter is on the cover of Forbes
4. Your girlfriend is on the cover of Playboy
5. And your husband is on the back of the milk carton

O.K. so I am vindictive tonight. I am entitled. I have indeed worked hard to become the complete package I am!!!

Sometimes I just get so angry at the world. Why can't people see in front of there face??? I am sick of prejudice, I am sick of whining, I am sick of hearing couples argue. Man. If you cannot stand to be around each other...Seperate. Life is way to short to not manage your time wisely.

Take me for instance. I refuse to work for some ego-manic. I refuse to barely get by from paycheck to paycheck. I am woman HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!! I say get an education, put it to the fullest, OPEN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! stop having to answer to anyone. No more piss tests. lol

Yes I smoke weed. I am who I am. And I am great. You to are great.


your future is made up of many things, but mostly of you!!!!! Take control. YOU decide your destiny, YOU say how its going to be. BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am ME.... I am wonderful. : o ) Love from ~ Cindy~
9:58am: What a beautiful day.....
I still have not watched dragonfly....the theatrical trailer creeps me I will have to wait till I am not alone....Spooky! You have to love supernatural thrillers. They just make your skin crawl.

Hello Chicago!! Thank you for being so sweet. I could hug you everyday! : O ) Yes Lady Carmicheal....This Hugs for you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox oops....we kissed...... lol

I am in a great mood. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, my chores are finished lmao well except the I moving yet? lol I HATE DISHES.. But procrastination only puts you further behind.

got a phone call,... will finish this later......bye all ~ me ~
Current Mood: awake

Right now......what are you?????
Current Mood: drained

9th August 2002

9:59pm: When will Mrs. Right walk into my dreams????????
KAZAA...You have to love Kazaa. Download anything you want whenever you want and its not one of those pay sites everybody else got suckered into. We have 1000 songs, hemm..and movie Women are so flipping beautiful. I wait for the day that I am able to unveil my lust upon my queen. Hubby understands, shared one already but it was not the Magic I had promised him. One day, he will see the beautiful flower that unfolds when two women share themselves. I am just so picky. She has to be sweet. She has to be shaven. She has to be unmarried. ; x She has to be perfect( after all we are ) She has a great deal in store for her. My unsuspecting princess just doesn't know how long I have bottled up a special lust and passion for her. But WHERE IS SHE? Does she exist. Is anyone that perfect? Are my expectations to high? I think not.

So many people never take the blinders off. Life is such a precious gift when you LEARN to make the best of it. Education is the key. People dont plan to fail , THEY FAIL TO PLAN!!!!!

Today was another good day. I finally figured out how to post in my community. OS_ljers! Hooray for me. : o )

My transcripts will finally be changed! See in 96 I withdrew from college to work in the casinos. One instructor decided to give me 2 F's. one in debate and one in oral com. I withdrew. But see it wasn't until I started back in '01 that I realized the mistake was made. Unfortunatley the instructor had disappeared. She became a world renound public speaker. Mrs. JAnie Walters. Without her signature on the drop cards I couldn't get these F's off my perfect GPA. It sucks. I am on the vice president and they obviously know I am way to smart to have gotten an F, let alone two. PLease. Anyways, I found her about 5 days ago online. She is working with J.C. to get my F's turned to W's. Isn't that great!!!!! Now I will graduate with "special honors" instead of just "honors". 4.0 here I come. : O ) Close at 3.77.......gotta love bieng bipolar. Fast thinker! Smart as a whip. And an incredible outlook on life. I love life. I am probably one in a million that can honestly say I am complete. My love is solid, my career is within my fingers, I am going to be rich! I love being me! hehehehe
conceited.....Oh NO.....CONVINCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish D was home, he is at work. Casino Magic...table games dealer if anyone wants to say hello for me. lol Ok guess I need to smoke some and watch a dvd. I could write all night in this mood! Wish Packy would give me my car.. Allen Thompson is a crooked car repairman HE works out of Gautier and Pascagoula. The asshole sold me a car in FEB.....I still don't have it and g=he REFUSES to pay me my money back. Take Heed!!!!!!!!!!! Peace People......... I'll share ________ ~~~~~~~~~~

Mrs. Right, we are waiting for you. I am waiting for you..........see you in my dreams.....kiss,kiss
Current Mood: anxious

8th August 2002

Current Mood: ecstatic
8:06am: well i am back and in an excellent mood. yesterday was a great day. we were refunded our money, my grant paperwork came through, d's mom gave us a really expensive bedroom suite...i mean yesterday was a GOOD day! out of smoke though..aarghhh! that could be a prob....still haven't seen dragon fly will watch it today i am sure. he bought lord of the rings last night, guess we have a two movie agenda today...but that is ok because Vancleave school started today! Yooooo Hoooooooo PEACE OF MIND well atlease till 3:30 lol we decided we were not moving as of yet, d wants to save up a little more before we take a plunge. so glad I have a smart, sensible, and compassionate man. I didnt think they made 'em like that lmgdfao! He is defiantly ONE of a kind! : o )

Well other than good news, there is nothing much to write. I am going to call and see if I can get S into head start. He really needs help with his speech. help I cannot give him! Well peace out for the time being.... BEHAVE WORLD!!! we are all each other has in the END! Can't we all just get one big sweet ORGY , only no men allowed.. except for my fine, 6'4 hubby. but he does what we say A boy toy with all the play pretties he can handle. Yuuuuummmmmmmmmy........And with over two handfuls...he can handle alot! ask peace my friends, ~ me ~

6th August 2002

11:06am: well it is getting closer and closer to fall semester.....aug 21....aarrgh, will i never get my degree. but you have to commit time to the things you want. i want to cut the grass today, before it rains. will i? lol who knows, i am bipolar and things here change like the wind. see i am a rapid cycler..anyone who is familiar with the disorder.....feels my pain....i woke up this morning with aqusations from hell. I still have not left the bedroom this morn and it is already almost eleven. why did my mother even bother.....oh well. life goes on, and tomorrow holds many new and exciting things for me...lmgdfao! yeah! we shall see. oh well i am almost out of smoke, 'my self medication' as the shrink says. what does he know? the power of suggestion that he has over me is enough for me to NEVER listen to a thing he says. Life is good smoking my weed. It calms me. daryl is sleeping. he looks so sexy laying there on his back all stretched out. should i wake him???? no..not in this mood. i may kill him, horny as hell. He was this morning. man was that sweet, but I was half asleep! : - )

Read in the paper today of some sicko in Ocean Springs that molested a 3 yr old girl. I wish all these sick freak weirdo child molesters would GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! leave our babies alone. date someone that has full grown women features for once. you may like it. OUR BABIES CANNOT GROW IN A WORLD LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! it is as bad as spawnkilling or body camping on Aliens vs. Pedators. You barely start the game and someone TAKES you OUT! oh i could go on and on. I am so sick of reading and finding out thAT SOMEONE'S BABY WAS HURT again! WHERE ARE THE PARENTS..WHAT ARE THEY THINKING NOT WATCHING THEIR YOUNG.

have been told I am paranoid...heh! in a world like this, there is NO such thing. Heightened Awareness I say.

we are considered lucky if we make it through this world we call life alive. and we are nothing if we do not pass on everything we learn to our offspring at an age that they can actually BENEFIT from it. Teach your children, teach them everything you can.. MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT! make your children become better than you ever could be. thanks for listening! im off to cut the yard... ; - x ~me~
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5th August 2002

ok anybody know how i get to OS_ljers? I cannot get to the front page so that i can post in the community. uuughh this is soooo frustrating. I have been fingering these keys for two days trying to figure it out. I am a sophmore in college. THIS CAN'T BE THIS CONFUSING!!!! is the site down? I am a paid member. is there nobody else out there that this is foreign language to.....did i not download something so that this works right. AARGHH! I need help, I hate asking for help. BUT MAN.....what did I pay for. A headache. IS ANYONE OUT THERE?????????????????
Current Mood: annoyed
8:46pm: well i am having a better day, guess that is a comfort. D is at work and man am i lonley. This bites! d bought me dragonfly dvd today. cannot wait to see it. got my report card. 3 A's and a B. Should of had all A's .. I hate my Oral Communications teacher... MRS. HARRELL....She could have given me the 2 extra points I needed for an A. What a biotch. I worked my arse off for her. oh well i am not going to bitch. could have been worse....i could have made a C or maybe 2 B's.. oh that would ill me ; x well anyways i am off to the big comfy couch in the night night
11:57am: am having a yucky day. its rainy here in vancleave........i need sunshine
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